Bluffton Roof Maintenance Company

We Want To Work On Your Bluffton Roof!

Whether you are looking for a full roof replacement or just a quick patch up job, BB Roofing is your go-to Bluffton roofing company. We are ready to help you with any job or work your roof may require. BB Roofing has been providing roof maintenance to the roofs of Bluffton for over 20 years. We have experienced everything from skylight repair/replacement, to leaking ceilings, to full roof makeovers or replacements. 

Bluffton Roofing Inspections

One of the simplest ways to have roof maintenance done on your roof is to request a roof inspection. We often perform roof inspections on Bluffton roofs for customers who are looking to buy or sell their home.

However, roof inspections are also performed for customers who feel as though the heavy southern rains may have caused hail damage to their roof and are interested in applying for a hail damage claim. Roof inspections keep homeowners informed about the current status of their roof and if there is any additional roof maintenance that needs to be performed

Natural Wear And Tear

Bluffton is heavily impacted by heavy rain, hail, hurricane force winds, extremely salty air, and blazing sun. Our extensive knowledge regarding the natural forces that impact the roofs of Bluffton allows us to provide roofs with the proper maintenance they need.

Using our experience and knowledge, we can select the best products to use on each roof to keep its respective home as protected as possible from these natural forces. 

Potential Spanish Moss Damage

Bluffton is filled with beautiful large moss-covered trees which provide shade and southern charm to the location. However, the charming Spanish moss hanging from the trees is often one of the natural culprits that leads to a roof needing maintenance. Moss buildup on roofs causes issues. Moss contains moisture, which is not good for a roof.

If too much moss gets built up over time, its weight can also be problematic for the roof. Some of the roof maintenance performed in Bluffton is as simple as cleaning the heavy debris off, which lengthens the life of the roof and keeps further damage from occurring.  

Bluffton Roof Replacement

One of the most common roof maintenance services that BB Roofing provides in Bluffton is full roof replacements. Many of the homes in Bluffton, while beautiful, are in dire need of a roof replacement due to either age or natural causes.

A full roof replacement allows the beauty of Bluffton homes to shine, and gives these homes an updated feel in addition to the protection that the new roof offers.

Roof maintenance in Bluffton can take many forms, ranging from simple moss removal and small leak repair to entire roof replacements. If you feel as though your home in Bluffton is in need of some form of roof maintenance, give us a call. Let our 20+ year knowledge and experience work for you and provide your roof with the maintenance it needs

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