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At BB Roofing we have solutions and answers to all of your commercial roofing questions and needs. We understand that a commercial roof is a huge investment for any company and will provide services to assist your business every step of the way. Your needs will be met from the initial inspection through planning and installation. Even after the roof has been serviced or placed, we will check that a satisfactory job has been performed and provide follow-up care as needed. Hilton Head Island’s main source of revenue is tourism. With tourism comes the need for high quality local businesses, and these local businesses require nice buildings with top-notch roofs to adequately cover and protect those businesses. BB Roofing provides Hilton Head Island with a reliable roofing company to provide this commercial roofing service.

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What kind of commercial roof should I put on my business?

One of the biggest decisions to be made is picking the kind of roof that would work best for your business. The first thing to consider is whether your business would benefit more from a sloped roof or a flat roof. Each of these styles has its pros and cons: A flat roof offers low-to-no maintenance, quick and easy installation, and is great for buildings with multiple floors. Meanwhile, a sloped roof is extremely pleasing to the eye, presents an inviting look, has great water drainage, and rarely needs repairs. We will work with you and offer recommendations to select the best roofing option for your business, which will be both cost effective and attractive.

While both of these roofs are desirable, we also encourage customers to consider a metal roof for their business. Metal roofs are known for being energy efficient and extremely durable, both of which are hugely beneficial for any business. Not only does a metal roof typically have a longer lifespan, but it also gives businesses a refined look and feel to customers. Metal roofs on the island are also quite popular and can provide the “lowcountry look” that many businesses desire.

Things for a business to consider when deciding on a commercial roof:

What will the customer see on the outside and inside?

How will the roof make my building feel?

What kind of impression does the roof give? 

What kind of material works best with our location? 

How can I set my company apart from, or fit it in with, other surrounding businesses?

What would be most cost-effective for my business while still looking great? 

What kind of roof is the most environmentally friendly? 

Metal Roofing
Single Ply
Modified Asphalt

Experienced and Certified

At BB Roofing we are not only experienced in installing new commercial roofs, but we are also adept in servicing existing commercial roofs. We offer inspections for potential damage and insurance claims. Our knowledge of numerous issues with commercial roofs allows us to properly diagnose and repair any issues your roof may have. Our experience includes (but is not limited to) patching, coating, cleaning, and skylight repair of commercial roofs. We are also accustomed to helping with insurance claims and can assist you in that capacity if needed.

BB Roofing is certified by GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning and Velux. All of these suppliers are well-regarded national brands. We only use the highest-quality products to provide your business with the best roof possible. The importance of doing a job the right way isn’t lost on us, and we want your business to look its best for you, your customers, and your employees. First-rate roofing materials and BB Roofing together can provide your business with a top-quality, attractive, cost effective, and weatherproof commercial roof.

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At BB Roofing we can offer your business a variety of commercial roofing options. We will provide the business support that you need and patiently assist your company in selecting the best roof for your circumstances. We support local businesses and it is our pleasure to provide Hilton Head Island with our local roofing services. Give us a call for an estimate today.

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