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BB Roofing is PREPARED and has a plan for any emergency repair your roof may require!

Despite the sheer beauty of Hilton Head Island and the luxury of living in such a lovely location, the Island does receive a fair amount of intense unpredictable weather each year. This weather creates many emergencies for the roofs of Hilton Head. We have been handling these unpredictable roof emergencies for over 20 years and want to be there to help with yours. Roofing emergencies not only compromise your roof but your entire home. A comprised roof is something you should not have to live with. We understand how important a roof is, and how much a roofing emergency affects you and your home.

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Emergency Roofing Services

Do you have emergency repair needs? Roofing emergencies can’t be planned for and can be a real headache. With over 20 years of roofing experience here in the Lowcountry, BB Roofing is PREPARED and has a plan for any emergency repair your roof may require.

Roofing emergencies are scary. The last thing any homeowner wants is the roof, which protects their entire home, to be compromised. Keep in mind that emergency roofing repairs can also be dangerous if you are not a licensed professional who can deal properly with them.

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do immediately if an emergency strikes. Observe your roof from different angles and walk carefully around your property. Take note of any damage you observe. Cover and protect any personal property that may be receiving damage due to the roofing emergency that has occurred. Give BB Roofing a call to schedule an appointment time for a FREE inspection for us to observe and document the damage done to your roof.

Storm & Hurricane Damage Repairs

We are emergency repair roofing experts and have been serving the Lowcountry for over 20 years. Over that time, we have seen and repaired all kinds of roofing emergencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to “Keep the Water on the Outside”. Even though you may not be ready for an emergency repair, we are!

When hurricane Matthew hit in 2016, many roofs of the Lowcountry were in desperate need of varying kinds of emergency repairs. We saw it all, from severe wind damage to holes in roofs. During this time we worked hard to serve as many residents as we were able. We provided both permanent (reroofing) and temporary (tarping, patches, etc.) services.

It is our passion to provide excellent service, solve problems, and help customers work with their insurance companies. Due to our knowledge of insurance claims, we were well prepared to assist customers to receive the fairest settlement possible. We proudly provided our services to over 600 customers during the immediate aftermath of hurricane Matthew.

The Trusted Roofing Company of Hilton Head Island

Let us help you with whatever your emergency roofing needs may be. We are prepared with the tools, skills, knowledge, experience, and recommendations to fix your emergency. No disaster is too big and we want to help. Give us a call and let us turn your roofing emergency into a positive experience instead of watching it turn into more of a disaster.  

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