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BB Roofing is ready to give your building the metal roof it merits. We are trained and certified in metal roofing. We use a local supplier and can quickly and efficiently provide you with the metal roof of your dreams. Every building deserves a crisp, clean metal roof to make a lasting good first impression on any eye that passes by.

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Why a metal roof?

The decision to re-roof can be a difficult one to make because of the huge investment that it is for any property or business owner. While a metal roof tends to drive many people away at first glance due to its cost, a metal roof is something that more people should seriously consider. A standard newly shingled roof provides protection. A newly installed metal roof can triple the grade of protection on virtually any building. 


While the lowcountry has a wealth of beauty, it also endures intense weather that causes local property and business owners to question the protection their roof is currently providing. Due to the design and the detailed engineering that goes into making metal roofs, they are able to outlast standard roofs while offering greater protection and enduring more than what a standard roof will hold up to. Metal roofs are able to withstand hurricane-force winds, intense hail, heavy rain and can keep your property well-protected.

Aesthetically, a metal roof provides something that a standard roof does not: A clean-cut appearance. A metal roof is made of large sheets of metal. This means less opportunity for leaves, moss, and other debris to get caught and become an eyesore. As a property or business owner, you want the first impression your building gives to be inviting, pleasing to the eye, clean, and sharp. A metal roof offers you all of the above.

While you may not currently be in the market to sell your home or business, a roof can be a huge selling point for both the buyer and the seller. The addition of a metal roof as compared to a standard shingle roof can make a huge difference. Metal roofs offer the benefits of protection, easy maintenance, and sleek appearance to help increase your property value and they can be a major selling point for any property on the market.

Another reason we recommend metal roofs to our customers is their superior longevity. A typical shingle roof can last a fairly long time — the average longevity of standard shingle roof ranges from 18 to 23 years here in the Lowcountry. This range also takes owner upkeep and regular maintenance into account. A roof that goes neglected for a number of years will suffer in terms of longevity and potential damage done. While shingle roofs tend to last well, a properly-installed and maintained metal roof will always endure longer. This is because a metal roof can last indefinitely with proper maintenance.

See Our Recent Metal Roof Installation On Hilton Head?

There are so many reason to choose a metal roof, not the least of is the ability to stand up to harsh environments. Take a ride with Bill Ball as we go back and look over this amazing home located on Hilton Head and the low-slope metal roof we installed.

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Which kind of metal roof is the best fit?

The good news when it comes to metal roofing is that there are not only color options, but style options as well. We at BB Roofing are trained and certified to provide you with a metal roof in any of the following styles: Standing seam, 5V crimp, multi ribbed, and mechanically locked. Each of these four styles gives off a different impression. All come with the same metal roof guarantee to be long-lasting and look great. Below is a quick glance at each style and the benefits it offers for the roof it covers.

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofs are made of metal panels that snap together. This helps to ensure a good, tight hold between panels. The panels are secured/fastened down after being snapped together. A special feature of the standing seam metal roof is that the secure fasteners are concealed, and not visible to the passerby. 

Mechanically Locked

Mechanically locked metal roofs are an advanced version of the standard standing seam. They are physically crimped together to create a folded metal seam. Mechanically locked metal roofs also allow for fasteners to be concealed. This version of the standing seam offers more security, which is reflected in the price tag.  

5V Crimp

Five V Crimp metal panels are made of 5 V’s. The security of the 5 V’s comes via overlapping instead of snapping together like the standing seam. V’s number 1 and 2, 4 and 5 overlap with each other from panel to panel. These overlapped areas are then fastened down. 

Multi Ribbed

Multi ribbed metal panels are very similar to the Five V Crimp in that they offer a high level of security due to being overlapped with each other and then fastened down. However, multi ribbed metal panels come in a wide variety of patterns. This allows the customer to select the style, texture, and contrast that works best for them and their building. 

Looking for other metal roofing services?

If you already own a building with a metal roof, let us be your metal roofing repair company! We offer metal roofing services for both residential and commercial roofs. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to inspect and give estimates to metal roof owners throughout the Lowcountry. We use reliable local suppliers so that our customers receive the work their roof needs in a timely fashion.

Did you know that metal roofs work great with skylights? A metal roof provides a very structured and clean appearance, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be paired with heavy fluorescent lighting. The addition of skylights adds the perfect natural feeling inside to complement the sleek exterior appearance that a metal roof provides. We are trained and certified to offer both residential and commercial skylight installations to metal roofs. Bringing in the beauty of nature adds to the charm of any building and provides a calmness that everyone can appreciate.

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Metal roofs are a significant investment, but they come with promises of longevity, protection, and aesthetic appeal. Please give us a call if you are interested in a metal roof estimate or require any additional metal roof services. We are here and ready to help!

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