Have you ever considered skylights or sun tunnels for your
home or office on Hilton Head Island?

BB Roofing specializes in making your life lighter and brighter with new VELUX skylights. Our hassle-free and turn-key installation process, you will wonder why you waited so long to installs skylight or sun tunnel in your Hilton Head home!

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Skylights and sun tunnels are the easiest way to introduce more natural light into your home or office. The use of natural light in any building not only brightens the space but also creates a more positive environment for those living or working in that space.

The homes and offices of Hilton Head Island receive a vast amount of sunlight throughout the year, making them perfect for skylights. Imagine how your home or office would benefit from the added splash of natural light that would result from installing a skylight!

What value would a skylight offer to my Hilton Head home or office?

Skylights offer more value than just light to any home or office. Skylights improve the aesthetic appeal for any space and lend areas a bigger, more open feel. They are a great way to increase the resale value of any building. Additional sunlight in any space has also been proven to promote positive moods and productivity in offices.

Skylights can also save money by bringing down energy bills. They do this by allowing natural lighting to heat a space in the winter, while skylight windows help to ventilate rooms in the summer. However you look at it, skylights are a good investment for any home or office space.

That being said, investing in a poor-quality skylight is most definitely a waste of your money and time. An inferior skylight can cause a wide array of problems for home and business owners alike. This is why BB Roofing EXCLUSIVELY uses Velux skylight products.

We currently hold a 3-Star Certification with Velux. Velux is a world-renowned company that has perfected the skylight products they sell. Velux comes with a “no leak” warranty and the promise of a quality product. We have been working with Velux for a number of years and have completed the Velux installation training.


Skylights are simply panes installed on a roof which allow natural light to enter the area. You have a lot of options when selecting the best skylight for your space.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels allow for sunlight to travel through a tube or “tunnel” to illuminate virtually any area of your home or office. The tunnels can even curve or bend to allow the natural light easy access to any space that would otherwise be difficult for natural light to reach.

Roof Windows

Roof windows are skylights that allow access to the outside by opening in either a “top-hinged” or “center-pivot” fashion. Roof windows allow for fresh air to enter, which improves room ventilation. Roof windows can also allow for roof access, if desired.

Modular Skylights

Modular skylights are skylights or “rooflights” which can be designed and arranged in a variety of different ways to create the ultimate roof gazing experience. This typically consists of an arrangement of several panels to create a larger skylight area.

Commercial Skylights

Commercial skylights are exactly what the name states. They are skylights which have been designed for commercial buildings. There are daylighting, sun tunnel, and dome options for commercial skylights.

Office Skylights

Roof windows are skylights that allow access to the outside by opening in either a “top-hinged” or “center-pivot” fashion. Roof windows allow for fresh air to enter, which improves room ventilation. Roof windows can also allow for roof access, if desired.

Skylight Resources & Common Questions

Need some guidance on whether a skylight or sun tunnel is right for you? Not sure what particular locations or options will work in your home? We are happy to help you make the best decision and to lay out all the options available in your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

Can a skylight be installed during a roof replacement? 

Yes, the perfect time to replace skylights is when your roof is being replaced.

Can a skylight be installed when the roof is NOT being replaced?

Yes, you can install or repair a skylight at anytime, during a re-roof or just for repairs. We are skilled at completing these types of jobs.

Can I receive an estimate when deciding to install or repair a skylight?

Yes, if you’re think about adding or replacing your skylight, we’d be happy to give you an estimate for that as well.

Will my new skylight come with a warranty?

Yes, Velux, the brand of skylight we use has the industry’s best warranty. In fact, it’s the only skylight we install because of it’s reliability.

Can a skylight be installed in a single day?

Yes. Typically a skylight install only takes a few hours. Installing or repairing skylights is something we specialize in, so we have the experience, skill and of course tools to do it right.

We at BB Roofing have been installing new high-quality skylights and repairing existing skylights on Hilton Head Island for over 20 years. We know a good product when we use one, which is why we exclusively use Velux as our skylight manufacturer. We currently hold a 3-star skylight installation certification with Velux and we want to help you brighten your home and life with an exceptional new skylight.

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