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Do You Have Skylights That Are Leaking Or Fogged In Your Hilton Head Home?

Out of sight, out of mind was made exactly for leaking skylights! You really don’t realize you have major issues until they become noticeable…from inside! Once you skylights start to leak, they can begin to fail and cause even more damage. By the time you see water stains or drips on the floor, you may have severe wood rot and water damage. It’s time to call the professionals!

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Emergency Skylight Repair

Does your home have a skylight emergency? usually these emergencies are not schedules and can cause real stress. With more than 2 decades of roof and skylight maintenance here on Hilton Head, BB Roofing is prepared and excited to assist you!

A leak in the ceiling can be scary, the last thing any homeowner wants is a leaky skylight. Any roofer could fix a skylight, but if not handled by a professional the work can be poor and lead to more repairs down the road.

Once you see or feel a skylight leaking time is not on your side. Look at the skylight from multiple angles if you are able. Walk around your property and note any clear damage. Cover or move any items underneath the leak. This includes wall hangings, the moisture in the air can cause damage to art. Cover the floor as best you can with a waterproof tarp to keep the water contained to one room. Then give BB Roofing a call and schedule a free inspection. We will observe and document the extent of the leak.

Storm & Hurricane Damaged Skylight Repairs

We are the skylight repair experts and have been serving Hilton Head Island for over 20 years. We have seen and fixed a variety of roofing emergencies. BB Roofing takes pride in “Keeping Water On The Outside.” You don’t need to be ready for an emergency, we are!

The Lowcoutry has seen multiple hurricanes in the last 5 years. Most residents were in need of repairs. We repaired a variety of things, from minor wind damage to whole skylights smashed in. We try to serve as many residents as possible. We can provide permanent skylight replacement or temporary seal patching, or both.

It is our goal to provide excellent service and help you solve problems. We will help you work with your insurance company; our knowledge of the insurance process helps to get customers the fairest settlements possible. We provided our services to over 600 residents in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew alone. You are in good hands!

The Trusted Skylight Repair Company of Hilton Head Island

Let our specialists help you with whatever your skylight needs. We are well versed in skylight repair and are ready with the tools, knowledge and experience to help you when you need us most. No disaster is too big!

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