5 Signs It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

We’ve all experienced it: the feeling of dread when something goes wrong with our roof.

Whether it’s a leak, missing shingles, or increased energy costs, these issues can cause worry and stress. But don’t despair – understanding the signs that you need a roof replacement will help you take the proper steps to protect your home. Our team of experienced professionals has compiled five warning signs that it’s time for a roof replacement so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure. From curling shingles to structural damage, this guide will provide an essential checklist for your rooftop needs.

So let’s get started on ensuring that your roof stays strong and reliable!

Curling or Missing Shingles

If your shingles are curling up like a potato chip, it’s time to consider a roof replacement; don’t let this problem go unnoticed, as it could be the start of a slippery slope. Curling or missing shingles can be caused by age, weather damage, improper installation, and more. If you notice any of these signs on your roof, you must get them checked out immediately. A professional roofer will be able to assess the situation and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

Replacing your roof can be an expensive endeavor but is also an investment in the long-term health of your home. A new roof will protect your home from water damage and other elements that can cause costly repairs down the road. It will also increase the value of your home and make it look more attractive to potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

Age of Your Roof

You may be surprised to know that the average roof should be replaced after 20-25 years, so if yours is older than that, it’s worth considering a replacement. There are several signs of an aged roof:

Visible Damage:
*cracked, curled, or missing shingles
*moss growth and other visible damage

These can all be indicative of an aging roof that needs replacing.

If your roof is more than 20 years old, then consider getting it inspected for potential repair or replacement needs. Even if there is no visible damage, an inspection will ensure everything is still in good shape and up to code.

Leaks or Moisture Damage

Discovering leaks or moisture damage in your roof can be a cause for concern. If left unchecked, these issues could lead to more costly repairs down the road. This issue is a pretty clear sign that you are in need of a new roof.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can be a major cause for alarm, here are some common signs that may indicate structural damage:

* Sagging or uneven roof decking
* Missing shingles or other materials
* Water stains on walls or ceilings

Increased Energy Costs

It’s important to note that an increase in energy costs can be caused by various factors, including the efficiency of your HVAC system, the overall insulation of your home, and even local utility rates. But once you have ruled out all these other options, it’s time to look up.

An old or deteriorating roof can develop gaps, cracks, or leaks that allow air to enter or escape the house. This can disrupt the thermal efficiency of your home and force your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. As a result, your energy consumption and costs can rise.

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