The Most Common Roofing Questions We Get Asked

Not all roofers are equally qualified to install reliable roofs!

Can any roofers install my roof? Despite the familiar quotes that equate happiness with “having a roof over your head,” not all roofers are created equal. And not all offer the same protection from the elements or contribute to a sense of security and satisfaction.

Most homeowners will at some time face the reality of having to find a roofer. Whether an existing roof is showing the effects of time and age or your roof has suffered damage from a recent storm, you should arm yourself with basic facts in order to make an informed choice when the need arises. Sadly, as with other home repair and construction trades, there are unscrupulous operators in the roofing industry. 

We’ve compiled a short list of questions you should ask before signing a contract for any work.

Licensing and Regulation

In South Carolina, roofers are considered “Residential Specialty Contractors,” and roofing companies must be registered with the state’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. You’ll want to confirm that any contractor you deal with is in compliance with that requirement. In addition, ask to see a valid certificate of insurance before agreeing to any proposal.

Sales Rep, Project Manager, Actual Installer?

Specialization may be a modern trend, but it may not be to your advantage when selecting a roofing company. Some roofers rely on a sales team to get business, employ a manager to oversee multiple installations, and trust that the assigned crew will complete the job to desired specifications. Although it may be an efficient way to approach the business, it may not be the best route to a high-quality roof. 

Picking the people for the job

Experience Counts

Roofing may be a specialty field, but the truth is that installing a new roof or making repairs to an existing roof is not overly difficult. It is vital, however, that a roofing crew is trained to use the right materials and procedures, and to work together effectively. That takes time and commitment. Some companies subcontract specialty jobs to other crews.

There Is No Perfect Roof

Different roofing materials are designed to fill specific needs. While there is no single “one-size-fits-all” roof, there are definite pros and cons to every option. Discuss the different possibilities and understand differences in installation, performance and cost before making a decision, whether you’re building a new home or installing a new roof.

finding the right company for your job

Repair or Reroof?

No roof lasts forever. Even the best materials wear out over time. While missing shingles, damaged flashing and even some leaks can be repaired, if you detect major problems or if your roof has been repaired previously, it might be time to consider a new roof.

Be sure to choose a contractor with the ability to do either. Some contractors are not equipped to make quality repairs, and others simply choose to only make repairs. A full-service roofing specialist will not only offer the best advice, but is likely to offer the best price as well.

Is a Permit Required?

The simple answer is yes; but understand that the permit should be obtained by the contractor, not by the owner. A reputable roofing contractor will ensure that the proper permit is secured before beginning any work at your home.

Bargain Prices & Inflated Claims

It’s particularly important to be mindful of scams following a major storm. Know that promises of cheap repairs, quick installation, or discounts for advance payment are typically not the mark of reputable companies. If you’re dealing with an insurance claim, any legitimate company will work with you and field your questions honestly.

Expect Quality Communication

Honesty, integrity, responsiveness, precision in estimating and attention to detail are expectations that any client should expect. In addition, never hesitate to ask for a thorough explanation of roofing terms, material specifications, warranties, timing, cleanup and payment terms.

Roof Service and Repair

If you have damage that needs immediate care, keep these questions in mind. When your home needs service quickly it can be hard to do the right research. Use these questions as a guide. If your roof has just sustained major damages you need the best!

What is a Residential-Specialty-Contractors

Major Roof Damage

Choosing Bargain Prices & Inflated Claims

Hurricane Debris Damage

Should I repair or re roof my home

Aged Shingles

The BB Approach

BB Roofing is a Lowcountry full-service roofing company with more than two decades of experience. At BB Roofing, our crews consist of subcontractors who are thoroughly trained and whose performance is consistently monitored and evaluated. We take great pride not only in our work but in our reputation. 

As an established family-run, single-owner company, we appreciate the opportunity to serve not only our friends and neighbors in the Bluffton area, but to share our expertise and to help homeowners understand the value of having a reliable roof over their heads. 

Whatever your roof needs might be, we hope you’ll call upon BB Roofing for honest answers and advice!