What Is A Drip Edge?


A drip edge is an aluminum flashing piece that goes around all the eave edges and rake edges of a roof system. The drip edge protects the edge board and the edge of the roof from water intrusion. Drip edges direct water away from the more sensitive parts of the roof, by creating a barrier that prevents water from touching the wooden parts of the roof underneath the shingles. Drip edges also protect the roof from wind and driving rain that could work its way up underneath the shingles on the roof.

Drip edges were not originally a requirement on roofs, but have recently become a code requirement in many areas. They are a tool that can prevent damage that can start off small and become substantial over time. When you’re installing a new roof on your home, it’s important to work with a professional roofing contractor who knows how to perform the installation properly and who understands the importance of installing a drip edge.

The drip edge is just one more piece of the puzzle that we use to ensure your roof is waterproof. Using a drip edge will help your roof last longer and can prevent leaks over time. It’s important that your roof is capable of withstanding exposure to the elements, and the drip edge is just one thing we use to make that happen. At BB Roofing, we also use high quality asphalt shingles to ensure that your new roof will last as long as possible. Call today to find out more about the materials we’ll use to re-roof your home.

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