What is Synthetic Slate Roofing?

What is Synthetic Slate Roofing?

Slate is a centuries-old roofing material that appears on churches, homes, and commercial buildings around the world. It’s favored for its beauty, longevity, and durability. Still, few homeowners actually choose to install slate on their homes because it’s expensive and heavy.

If you’re a homeowner or a building owner who would like the look of slate without the cost, synthetic slate shingles may be the solution. With all the texture and vibrant colors of natural slate, combined with the light-weight durability of a synthetic material, this ultra-modern shingle material is both convenient and affordable. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Synthetic Slate Roofing Made From?

There are many different types of synthetic slate. Some are made from plastics and polymers, others may be made from clay, asphalt, rubber, or even fiber cement. Your roofer will help you choose a synthetic slate that will be best for your home and climate.

How Long Does Synthetic Slate Last?

It’s hard to say how long your synthetic slate will last because the material was only invented about 20 years ago, and the oldest roofs have not had time to properly age.

Some manufacturers of synthetic slate offer warranties of 50 years, and claim their products last as long as 100 years!

To ensure the roofing material installed on your home will last as long as possible, purchase synthetic slate from a reputable company with a good warranty. If possible, hire a certified contractor to get the work done. This will ensure that the shingles installed on your home (which are made to last) are put on properly to ensure maximum durability.

What Is the Cost of Synthetic Slate?

One of the reasons that homeowners are so attracted to synthetic slate is its comparatively low cost. Real slate costs anywhere between $20 and $40 per square foot to install, which is far too expensive for most homeowners. By comparison, synthetic slate costs about $10 per square foot, depending on the product and manufacturer, the pitch of the roof, the size of the roof, and the hourly rate charged by the contractor.

Is Synthetic Slate Flammable?

Many types of synthetic slate have a Class A fire rating, which means they’re as fire-resistant as they can get. This makes synthetic slate a desirable roofing product in parts of the country where wildfires are common. To ensure that the roofing material you’ve chosen for your home is fire-safe, find out the fire rating before purchasing that roofing material. If the fire rating is not Class A, your roofing installer may be able to improve the fire rating by installing a fire-retardant material under the synthetic material.

What Are the Other Benefits of Synthetic Slate?

Aside from the fact that synthetic slate is more affordable than natural slate, there are other benefits of this modern material. Here’s what you need to know.

synthetic slate is more affordable than natural slate


Synthetic slate is commonly made from recycled materials like recycled plastic, rubber, and mineral dust. These shingles can also be manufactured in any location where a factory can be installed, unlike natural slate, which must be quarried from the earth and transported great distances.


Synthetic slate is easy to install and easy to maintain. Its comparatively light weight means that roofers can install it easily.

No Special Structural Requirements

Natural slate can only be installed on a home that has been specially reinforced to bear the weight of natural stone. Synthetic slate can be installed on a roof that has not been specially designed for this purpose. This means that you can probably install synthetic slate on your pre-existing home, even without going to the trouble of preparing or reinforcing the structure.

Beautiful Textural and Color Details

Natural stone comes with jagged edges, a naturally rough texture, and surprising color variations. The same can be said of synthetic slate. It’s often hard to tell the difference between these two materials. From a distance, synthetic slate looks just like the real thing. Work with your contractor to find a type of synthetic slate that matches your home siding and appearance.


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